Freelancing consultancy


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In 2018 I founded NO.MAD Talks, the first freelancing community in Bucharest, which in the meantime has brought together hundreds of online and offline freelancers, who have talked about the challenges and problems they encountered along the way. Through the projects I have created and thanks to my experience working with clients, I have managed to gather useful information and I believe now I can help any freelancer at the beginning of their journey and, of course, anyone who wants to change their career to get the courage to work on their own. 

After four years of freelancing and hundreds of projects completed for both clients and myself, I can say that the success in freelancing comes from mindset, discipline and establishing value. There are issues that freelancers often don’t think about and so they end up in blind spots: they fail to increase their fees; they can’t find the motivation to keep going; they don’t know their own value and are afraid to talk about their work; they’re not sure if they’re on the right track.


We can discuss the steps you need to take to become a freelancer. We can talk about the legal form, setting fees, ways to find your clients, how to set up your way of working, mindset, how to create a strong personal brand.

We can work together on finding your Why – this involves establishing personal values and the Ikigai method.

Yes, we can discuss about the formula for setting fees, about the fees in the industry and how to define your value and set your fees accordingly.

Yes, we discuss about motivation, mindset, work schedules and habits that have worked for me.

One freelancing consultancy session is 60 euro + VAT.


We establish the topic in advance by email and during the session I offer solutions to the announced problem/question. 


Workshop 1 – NO.MAD Start – 240 euro + VAT


We spend 4 hours together and interactively work on everything that is involved in the universe of a beginer freelancer.

Understanding the legal field – which form is more advantageous 

Setting fees. How do I set the right fee? 

Clients. Where do I find them and how do I attract them? 

Personal freelancer brand. How do I create a strong personal brand that reaches my clients? 

Mindset. What are the most common problems and how can you overcome them. 


Workshop 2 – NO.MAD Star – 300 euro + VAT


We spend 4 hours together and discuss the steps a freelancer needs to take to move to the next level, from discovering his or her own value, to increasing fees, to the things that are blocking them from moving forward or taking the step towards a strong personal brand. The workshop is inspirational. I use coaching techniques to find what are the real issues behind the blockages.