Communication strategy and implementation support


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The strategy is the map that charts the directions to which the brand is heading. Often entrepreneurs skip the strategy and rush to start promoting, risking generalist communication without a clear audience and vague messages that often don’t get results. 

What a communication strategy contains: communication audit, goal setting, brand positioning, audience, messages, communication channels, tactics, special campaigns, editorial plan, measurement of the results.

What is the process for a communication strategy? 

  1. Brief – We set up a 30 minutes meeting where we discuss about the brand
  2. Brief – Fill in a short questionnaire
  3. Debriefing – Meeting to clarify any questions
  4. Signing the contract
  5. Work on the strategy with a deadline we both agreed on
  6. Strategy delivery and presentation call
  7. Strategy implementation support (optional)


Depending on the size of the document, as a Word document, as a PowerPoint presentation or as Word document + PowerPoint presentation.

Depending on the strategy, I can provide an implementation team with support from me.

The price depends on the complexity of the strategy and varies between 1000 – 4000 euros.