Communication consultancy


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The commuication consultancy session is useful for entrepreneurs who feel that they are not getting results and don’t know where to go, for companies who want to discover the red thread in their communication messages or campaigns, but also for freelancers and solopreneurs who want to work on their personal brand but don’t know how the process works.

How do consulting sessions work? 

  1. We have an initial 20 minutes meeting where we get to know each other and understand the problem(s)
  2. After that, I email you the consultancy plan (in case I notice more problems to be solved)
  3. We sign the contract
  4. We start the sessions according to the agreed plan


Brand audit and feedback on communication strategy, brand positioning, brand tone of voice, communication channels, media, creative campaigns, explaining a communication strategy, event planning and organisation, feedback on communication campaigns, copy, PR and media plan, personal brand, copywriting.

We set up a meeting where we create a brand map together, so we can find out which areas are not satisfying for you.

The fee for a communication consultancy session starts from 100 euros + VAT, depending on the objectives we set together.