Hi, I'm Iunieta.

I guide my life by what I consider to be the three constants: change, choices and values.


I spent my first twenty years of my life in Brasov, where I graduated in Communication and Public Relations and volunteered for Let’s Do It Romania and PRIME Brasov. Here I also became a Public Speaking trainer and presented a series of local events. 

At 20, I moved to Bucharest for my Master’s degree. But Bucharest offered me more than that. I joined Evensys, where for three years I organised marketing and communication events. At 24, I chose to go into corporate and travel PR and had the opportunity to learn at Travel Communication. From both jobs I gained knowledge about marketing, PR, event organisation and team coordination.


At 26, I chose to go freelance and experiment in the area of copywriting and social media. I graduated some creative writing courses from Iulian Tănase, Florin Iaru, Marius Chivu and the School of Stories. The courses resulted in a series of articles that I’m still proud of, published in: Dilema Veche, DOR, Revista de Povestiri, etc. 

In 2018 I founded NO.MAD Talks, the first freelancer community in Bucharest, with the goal of gathering freelancers and entrepreneurs in the same place, to support, help and grow together. NO.MAD Talks has gradually grown and is now one of the most popular communities in the country. Some of the projects that have taken the NO.MAD Talks name further are: Error 404 Podcast; Kind Market; Freelancer Fair; NO.MAD Newsroom; Freelance Drama. NO.MAD quickly became my pet project because it gave me the opportunity to implement my ideas and help freelancers reach their true potential. 

NO.MAD Talks also brought me a reputation on the Romanian market that gave me access to big clients, so I ended up creating content and communication strategies for major brands.

Values .

The values I follow in my personal life are the ones I follow in my professional life, namely:


Love for people, for good, love for beautiful, for things and projects that have an impact around us and can make a positive change, however small that is.


Changing perspectives and the way things are looked at, different and brave ideas are part of my life philosophy.


Transparency and honesty are two values that are so necessary in building healthy working and personal relationships.


Fairness and honesty are the values I hold dear in everything I do: whether we are talking about setting fees or my personal life.


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